Scalable Private Cloud

Deploy your own private cloud with OneClick™

NetThunder is a scalable private cloud solution that is easy to setup and includes services that keep your company running. The NetThunder difference is the ability to scale into a compute heavy environment while keeping storage cheap enough
for everyday use.


Our core platform does not depend on any proprietary software vendors allowing us to adopt the latest and greatest technology and have full knowledge on how everything works underneath.


With NetThunder’s private cloud all your data resides in the privacy of your own servers. No data will be hosted on the cloud and you will have control of your infrastructure..It’s the type of software cybersecurity experts can be proud of.


Just like any cloud solution, hardware should be simply a lump of compute, storage, and networking resources. We make it easy to manage and deploy your resources in our single pane of glass GUI, so you won’t need to worry about the hardware.


We’ve created a marketplace for fully tested applications your business might need such as CRM, E-mail/Web hosting, Private document collaboration. Choose from a wide variety of Open Source and Enterprise applications you can install with OneClick™

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